A home of your own is the great Australian Dream. It’s the home you see in your mind’s eye. It’s anything but a carbon copy and it should have YOU written all over it.

Split Level Homes Australia will honour your unique vision and pull out all stops to deliver your dream home.

Being an accomplished split level home builder is part of our skill set. We rise to the challenge of building on blocks considered “difficult” by others and for building homes that are truly a cut above.

A project home builder offers a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to home building. Project home builders rely on an assembly-line business model and high volume turnover — building the same designs, over and over, with only slight variations in colours and materials.
If you don’t like the set of pre-designed home plans on offer, tough. Your choice quickly becomes clear. You’ll need to go elsewhere.


Sales reps will aim to convince you that their project home builds can be special and somehow unique. The harsh reality is that it will be just like hundreds, if not thousands, of other people’s homes.

Project homes proliferate because buying more of the same thing brings costs down. If a builder can bulk buy enough bricks, timber and concrete to build 1,000 project homes, he can negotiate discounts. These savings are then (generally) passed onto you.

Here’s the catch: this way of doing business depends on a “one size fits all” approach. Design options are limited. And the build process is geared to mostly flat, rectangular blocks.


If your block is steep, awkwardly shaped, or is generally difficult to build on, a project home is an unlikely solution.

“But I can just change the plan… right?”

No. Project home builders, for reasons already explained, don’t want their plans re-designed. They’re just not set up for this level of service.

Along with that, you’ll be dealing with a sales person who has skills related to commission-based earnings rather than design and drafting.

For your specific building requirements and personalised home design that takes advantage of unique aspects, our expert split level home builders are your ideal solution. Unlike a project home builder, our split level home builders can deliver you a home of your own.

We specialise in custom-designed homes on sloping terrain and designing for the best possible views on unusual blocks.

With Split Level Homes Australia, you’ll see the possibilities beyond the cookie cutter designs. Our designers are not bound by the designs and materials that limit project home builders.


With Split Level Homes Australia, the design – plan and all – is yours. You OWN the plan and you can do with it as you wish.

Plenty of builders will offer to draw plans for you. They’ll draw your plans for free to entice you to use their services. However, the plans don’t change hands.

If for any reason you don’t wish to build with him, he owns the plans, not you. Bad news if you want another builder to quote. Ultimately, many months of negotiating and planning can be wasted, with not a lot to show for it.

Other builders will refuse to touch the plan without the originating builder’s approval. Copyright is a serious concern.

When your plans are drawn by Split Level Homes Australia, the plans are yours even after you get our builders to quote. This means you’re free to do what you want with the plans. We give you full ownership of the plans we draw up for you.


Beware sales people who will tell you what you want to hear. Call us today and learn more about the huge advantages of custom home builders.

At Split Level Homes Australia you’ll have the opportunity to speak to people who can back up what they say with a guarantee of satisfaction.

We challenge you to find a builder who can match our prices and the quality of our services and products!



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    That’s right, if you believe Split Level Homes Australia failed to deliver on its promises, we’ll honour this money back guarantee — no questions asked.